Sir David Attenborough met a lion.

The thing about a commission is that it is rarely straightforward. A while back, Radio Times called to ask if I would like to photograph Sir David Attenborough (again), but with a few 'props'. Hmm,props ..ah yes of course-lion cubs, nice and easy. The idea developed into a simple Lion face/David face picture, except of course, you can't quite plan what might happen.
We turned up at David's house on a rainy day complete with backdrops and the usual disturbing amounts of kit. David looked worried when he saw it all. 'Can't we just do a quick snap in the garden?' he said. 15 mins later after much convincing, David let us in to set up in the available space. Thing is, I just wasn't sure exactly what was possible. The lion keepers suggested that milk might be the answer, but endless shots off a milk bottle would not be ideal. 
So, lights up and a table in place, I started to try and direct the shoot. Big mistake. David immediately engaged with the little be…

Portrait of Britain Exhibition 2017

It's been a while since I added to this Blog. I must have been busy..or lazy. Just to let you all know that for the second year running, I have been selected to be part of the Portrait of Britain exhibition in association with the British Journal of Photography. My picture will be part of a series showing on JC Decaux billboards in shopping centres and railway stations across the UK. The subject is Rebecca Bunce who I photographed originally as part of a feminists collective shoot. The struggle she had to stand for my photograph is hopefully reflected in the dignity of her stance. I'm not big on entering awards (let alone being selected), but this is one that I will continue to participate in, if it continues next year.



Competition Winning

Occasionally I will enter photo competitions. Now I'm not very good at them-in that, I'm not very good at knowing what they are looking for.

However, when the BJP announced the 'Portrait of Britain' themed competition, I knew exactly what might slot in. And so, you can see these three winning images of mine in amongst many more across the country shortly. The images will rotate on digital screens within main railway stations and transport hubs across the country during September 2016.

The Concert

First and foremost, I'm a portrait photographer. I like to control situations and light them accordingly. This commission was though, the very opposite.

Shooting a gig is nuts-how do you know what will happen or what the light will be or where in the room to be? I have shot concerts before, but the snapper normally only gets the first three songs and is in 'The Pit' with a few others, hugging the sweet spot. So a chance to shoot the whole event with an Access All Areas pass is a rarity and a gem.

Underworld are a great band and the Roundhouse a great venue, but with no proper instrumentation and not much movement, trying to find the best angle and moment is a challenge. Great night it was, which would have been perfect if I hadn't had a lens lost and never to reappear in the crush and dancing..

Here is a small edit including some shots that the band used as part of their US promotion.

Our Tina

Causing a bit of stink recently has been the demise of BHS and the acquired wealth of Sir Philip Green's family.
I was asked a couple of years back to capture Lady Tina Green at an event opening in the West End. My ten mins with her was strange-she gave little away and did not want to be drawn on any friendly chat about Monaco. Mind you, I remember being told not to take my "professional looking camera outside" in Monaco, "the Police will stop you as the LOCALS don't like it.."
Still, checkout the BEAST of a diamond on her finger. Tax free of course.